Assured Comfort - Custom Crafted Adjustable BedsAssured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds are custom crafted in Bassett, Virginia USA by SleepSafe® Beds, LLC, a leading manufacturer of Safety Beds in the United States.

SleepSafe® Beds are designed and manufactured as Durable Medical Equipment for those with Special Needs – particularly children and adults with physical and cognitive challenges and disabilities.

Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds were initially designed as a general hospital bed alternative, however increasing demand for customized adjustable beds for general wellness became apparent. Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds may be considered as Durable Medical Equipment, but are available for individuals seeking a more practical rehabilitation while reading, working on their computers or even watching television.

It is now predicted by year 2035 that over 22% of population, or some 70 million people, will be over the age of 60. As a result the health and wellness issues associated with this age group also increases.

The wellness community has been addressing these health issues and recognizes that an adjustable sleep system provides a definitive source of relief in the following ways:

  1. An Assured Comfort ® Hi-Low adjustable sleep system allows for ergonomic correct positions which complement the natural curvature of the spine. This promotes a healthy posture during sleep which may alleviate many of the discomforts that inhibit proper sleep.
  2. An Assured Comfort ® Hi-Low adjustable sleep system allows you to adjust the sleep surface to the proper angles, which may reduce stress on the heart and promotes proper circulation.
  3. An Assured Comfort ® Hi-Low adjustable sleep system customizes the support and comfort to the different areas of the body such as neck and head, lower back, legs and knees, feet and ankles. Simply put – this is a Custom Crafted Adjustable Bed.

An Assured Comfort ® Hi-Low adjustable sleep system with a Hi-Lo feature may benefit individuals but may be just as important to caregivers. It allows for ease of entry and getting out of bed, easier transfer and total access for caregivers.

Also, we believe that a bedroom shouldn’t look like a hospital room. The stylish Assured Comfort® Adjustable Beds set new standards for attractiveness and functionality in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and Split King. Assured Comfort® bed mattresses rest on a fully electric articulating frame with whisper quiet head and knee adjustability that is operated by remote control.

Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds feature highly durable, yet comfortable memory foam mattresses with “green technology” that conform to the body without generating heat. All mattresses are built with a cover that is made of natural fibers that absorb four times the moisture of standard cotton covers.

As for styling, Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds are available with headboards and foot boards in Raised Panel and Mission Style with a choice of hardwoods. Modern Metal and traditional Upholstered headboards are also available. Each piece is handcrafted in Virginia using the highest quality materials.

Video introduction to Assured Comfort Hi-Low Adjustable Beds made to order in the USA

Assured Comfort® is a brand manufactured by SleepSafe Beds, LLC in Bassett, Virginia