How do I reset my remote control?

Currently we have several remote control configurations depending on your Assured Comfort® adjustable bed model. Typically the reset instructions are labeled on the remote and included with the instructions. It is best to unplug and re-plug the power cord before resetting the remote. If you have any difficulty, please call us toll-free at 866-852-2337.

What is the weight limit for an Assured Comfort® Bed?

The weight limit for any bed is dependent upon the weight capacity of the mattress. The mattress we provide for a Twin, Full or Queen size Assured Comfort® Bed has a weight limit of 350 pounds. For the Split King model, the weight limit is 350 pounds per side.

Note: All Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Bed foundations weight limits, without the mattresses, are rated at 500 pounds. For questions about weight limits, please contact us at 866.852.2337.

Why should I consider an Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed instead of a new flat bed?

The technology available today allows more comfort and convenience for the investment. In addition to the added comfort, adjustable beds have a significant and demonstrated health benefit for certain conditions.

What health benefits might I receive by having an adjustable bed?

First of all, understand that an adjustable bed does not cure any illness or condition. It can and does, however, provide relief for thousands of users who have symptoms of painful lower back, hiatal hernia, edema or swelling of the legs and feet, as well as certain cases of insomnia, snoring and breathing difficulties

If I have no health issues and I’m only seeking more comfort, does an adjustable bed make sense?

Absolutely! In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, every moment of complete relaxation can pay you major dividends. The concept of being able to adjust your comfort by pushing a button is more satisfying than tossing or turning in bed.

What are the TRANSFER HEIGHTS of an Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed?

The Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed offers a range of transfer heights depending on what you need.

Our standard transfer height for a bed WITHOUT A HI-LO FRAME is 11″ from the floor to the top of the frame’s platform.
When you add our standard 10″ mattress, it brings the total transfer height to 21″.

To adjust the transfer height of a STANDARD FRAME, you have the ability to customize the mattress or the height of the frame.

  • For a transfer height BELOW 21″, you can order an 8″ mattress to achieve a 19″ transfer height, for example.
  • For a transfer height ABOVE 21″, you can order a the frame with longer legs, bringing the frame up to 24″ from the floor to the top of the platform. This would give you a maximum transfer height of  35″, if necessary.

Our standard transfer height for a bed WITH A HI-LO FRAME is 14″ from the floor to the top of the frame’s platform.
When you add our standard 10″ mattress, it brings the total transfer height to 24″.

To adjust the transfer height of a HI-LO FRAME, you have the ability to customize the mattress.

  • For a transfer height BELOW 24″, you can order an 8″ mattress to achieve a 22″ transfer height, for example.
  • The Hi-Lo frame moves a total of 10″. So your transfer height ranges from 24″ to 34″.

What are the maximum ANGLES OF ARTICULATION for the Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed?

The frame’s head articulation is up to 60 degrees. The frame’s knee articulation is up to 35 degrees.

Do Assured Comfort® Adjustable Beds come in different sizes?

Yes. Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed include standard twin, full, queen. and split king mattress sizes.

  • Twin: 38″ x 80″  (Overall bed size approximately 43″ x 85″)
  • Full:  53″ x 80″  (Overall bed size approximately 58″ x 85″)
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″  (Overall bed size approximately 65″ x 85″) 
  • Split King: 76″ x 80″  (Overall bed size approximately 81″ x 85″)

Custom frame sizes may also be ordered.

What other options are available?

A Hi-Lo foundation is a popular option. We have other options available such as special headboard fabrics for medical purposes.

Will my existing headboard and footboard work?

Most of the time the Assured Comfort® foundation will work with your headboard and footboard if the bed is the same size. If they are not, we should be able to build custom brackets to attach to your headboard and footboard if we are provided with the needed specifications.

What if I sleep on my side or stomach during the night?

Most people who shift their positions during the night, do so because their body is signaling its discomfort. Since their bed does not shift positions, they must shift their bodies. On the other hand, an adjustable bed can be elevated in order to relieve pressure on the back, trunk, or legs and generally makes sound, restful sleep more easily obtained.

If you elevate your head in an adjustable bed, do your feet raise the same amount?

No.  Assured Comfort® Beds have separate controls that allow the user to choose the degree of elevation on both the upper and lower portion of their bodies.

Are today’s adjustable beds about the same as hospital beds?

Not even close! Hospital beds can and do adjust, but the similarity ends there. Adjustable bed manufacturers of today provide sleek designs, plush mattresses and a variety of comfort options that are not available in hospital beds.

Will my linens and bedding need to be replaced?

If you buy the same size bed you currently have, everything fits.

Would Medicare or Medicaid pay for an adjustable bed?

Possibly, but doubtful. If the bed is deemed as a medical necessity, it may qualify. You will have to ask your DME provider for more information.

Does an electric adjustable bed require a lot of electricity?

No. Very little power or cost is needed to raise or lower an adjustable bed. The power is only used for a couple of seconds at a time

Does the bed qualify as a medical deduction?

It might. Please check with your doctor. Many doctors prescribe adjustable beds for patients with hiatel hernias, poor circulation, or other health conditions.

How Do Adjustable Beds Improve Sleeping?

Needless to say, beds were primarily made for sleeping. In this purpose revolves how beds have been changed and modified to provide the optimum level of environment conducive for rest and sleep. Over the years, beds had undergone extreme make-over to become an aid for health promotion. Adjustable beds are one of the results of this venture of improving beds

Can I use Hoyer type lifts with Assured Comfort Beds?

Most Hoyer type lifts are compatible with our beds. We cannot guarantee that your Hoyer will work with our beds. To be sure, inquire at the time of placing an order. We may ask for the clearance and width needed for your specific lift. Please call us at 866-852-2337 for more information.

What if I need service?

Simply call our toll free number, 866-852-2337. The Assured Comfort® comes complete with a manual that makes service quick and easy. Should you ever need information or in-home service, it’s just a toll free call away.

What is the Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed warranty?

Full One-Year Warranty
The Assured Comfort® Bed is warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Sleep Safe Beds, LLC will repair or replace any defective part at no cost to the purchaser if the shipping of the part is within the continental United States..

Limited Five Year Warranty
During the second through fifth years from the date of purchase, SleepSafe Beds, LLC will replace any part found to be defective. Purchaser shall pay all service and shipping costs related to the replacement of the defective part.

Terms and Conditions
This warranty applies to normal use and does not cover any damage caused by excessive wear, abuse, misuse, mishandling or modification of the product. Warranty is non-transferable.

Periodic checks of the tightness of all fasteners are recommended for product stability and safety. Clean with water and mild detergent using a soft cloth. Avoid abrasives and solvents.

How do I purchase an Assured Comfort® Adjustable Bed?

Call us at 866-852-2337 for more information about purchasing.